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  • 國慶系列活動:職場運動保健肩頸下背痠痛OUT


  • 14 October 2017
  • 10:00 - 12:00
  • Queensland Taiwan Center
  • 94


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您平常上班都坐在辦公室裡,下班後依舊長時間久坐看電視 滑手機嗎?您平常有一半以上的時間都在與小孩相處,甚至還有一堆家事需要做?


本次演講將教您了解肩頸緊繃與腰酸背痛的原因,搭配簡單的辦公室/居家小運動訓練核心肌群,從此跟腰痠背痛Say Goodbye!

  此次講座將介紹常見的肩頸下背緊繃疼痛原因, 說明人體結構的運作原理以及肌肉緊繃疼痛的症狀成因;其 次將教您當急性疼痛症狀發生時,如何能夠自我症狀減輕的方法;最後指導您一起實際練習,了解何謂良好坐姿與不良 坐姿,認識椅子上核心肌群的訓練入門方式,可以在辦公室與居家室內空間操作的小運動,希望減少症狀與增加 工作效率,長期改善因久坐而連帶產生的緊繃疼痛症狀。


Australian Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (Qld) Inc (ATCCQ) was established in July 1998 by our Honorary President mr Peter C.T. Huangas part of the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) with a vision to connect Taiwanese business owners all over the world to create opportunities and collaborate.

ATCCQ is committed to promote and strengthen bilateral trade, investment and cultural relations between Queensland and Taiwan and is committed to uphold the highest standards of excellence and service in these regards.

Our President


ALL WAY TRAVEL - Shop 10 Sunnybank Plaza, 358 Mains Road Sunnybank QLD 4109

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