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    • 13 November 2019
    • 20:30
    • 20 November 2019
    • 20:30
    • Webinar


    昆士蘭台灣商會非常榮幸獲得知名Scale & Impact 生意顧問的大力支持,將提供給我們台商會員及企業會員們【免費】的網絡行銷專業網上訓練課程,通常這類的訓練是 USD$497 /人;如今會員福利$0免費,希望帶給台商會每位企業主專業的行銷技巧及秘訣分析 秘訣分析,敬請大家多多把握如此難得良機

    Dear Member,

    As our valuable customer, I would like to invite you to the upcoming Scale & Impact Webinar series as my guest. (This webinar series normally costs USD $497).

    This webinar series starts next Wednesday 13/11 at 8:30pm AEST and is on over four nights at 8:30pm AEST (Dates: 13/11, 14/11, 18/11, 20/11). It covers topics that equip entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself to scale and grow your business in 2020.

    Webinar spots are limited. Please register asap using the below link.

    Please see below an overview of the Webinar Series.

    Webinar Series title: How can your business thrive in a multicultural environment?

    Did you know that Australia is one of the most culturally and language diverse populations in the world?

    Migrants make up of 25% of Australia’s population, mostly coming from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. This is twice as much as most OECD countries.

    As one of today’s busine...

Past events

15 November 2019 商業交際聯誼派對
13 November 2019 國際商業論壇
13 October 2019 自信的女人最美麗、淡妝、皮膚保養讓你自信上更美
14 September 2019 如何在澳洲白手起家成為千萬澳幣富翁
10 August 2019 橄欖王國健康講座 August Health Lecture - Olive Kingdom
15 June 2019 17th Inauguration Gala Dinner 第十七屆昆士昆士蘭台灣商會就職晚宴
25 May 2019 你的權益默默地流失了嗎? 認識全國失能保險計劃 (NDIS)
09 March 2019 回台投資和台灣海外攬才的座談會
23 February 2019 昆士蘭台灣商會第十六屆第五次理監事聯席會議
22 November 2018 2018 Taiwan Health & Beauty Trade Mission | 醫材美妝新南向拓銷團
12 October 2018 2018 Taiwan Festival
21 September 2018 "3 ways to make money in business" 創業從 0 到1 不可不知的思維
25 August 2018 智慧理財 - 保險知多少 What should you know about personal risk insurance?
24 June 2018 ATCCQ 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner
21 April 2018 自己膝蓋自己救-膝關節的運動保健
24 March 2018 2018地產專業人士進修講座:市場展望與物業工作環境健康及安全
24 February 2018 如何投資於人脈及事業
02 December 2017 安心醫療專案之你受到該有的保障了嗎?
14 October 2017 國慶系列活動:職場運動保健肩頸下背痠痛OUT
19 September 2017 106年國慶文化訪問團大洋洲地區巡迴訪演 Perform for the 2017 Double Ten National Day
30 August 2017 Effective structures for businesses | 企業結構及稅務影響
03 August 2017 網路商業連續創業家 Bob Cheng 鄭言立
22 July 2017 美國有全球同步追稅肥咖(FATCA)條款,澳洲也有嗎?
24 June 2017 ATCCQ 16th Inauguration Gala Dinner
24 May 2017 Sudirman Cup 2017 臺北隊加油!(臺北對韓國)
22 May 2017 Sudirman Cup 2017 臺北隊加油!(臺北對俄羅斯)


Australian Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (Qld) Inc (ATCCQ) was established in July 1998 by our Honorary President mr Peter C.T. Huangas part of the World Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (WTCC) with a vision to connect Taiwanese business owners all over the world to create opportunities and collaborate.

ATCCQ is committed to promote and strengthen bilateral trade, investment and cultural relations between Queensland and Taiwan and is committed to uphold the highest standards of excellence and service in these regards.

Our President


Suite 111, Level 1/250 McCullough St, Sunnybank QLD 4109

Upcoming events

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